In Love with Bach​-​-​the solo cello suites volume 2

by Li Lu

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The Cello Suites are one of the most complex works by J.S Bach and the only one for solo cello; Cellists from all over the world take many years to learn the Suites and develop their own personal relationship and interpretation of the music. Li Lu is no exception to this. Since the age of 8 years old, Li Lu has played the cello suites and performed across Asia and Europe. Recording the complete Bach cello suites required enormous courage, energy and emotion, to give voice to this musical master piece. Within the recording are stories from the past, and Li Lu’s hopes and dreams for the future.


released February 10, 2012

I wish to thank all of the people who have supported me and never stopped believing in me. Especially the two amazing luthiers Gao Tong Tong and Xue Yi made such beautiful cellos for me to play; the wonderful stuff at St. Aidan’s UCR Church and my recording engineer Paul Jones & Ian Fair, without their patience and hard work, I could not speak with such a unique voice. Artist Caroline Collinge's magic finger created the unique art work that reflect my soul..“ -- Li Lu



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Li Lu Manchester, UK

As a soloist and Chamber musician, virtuoso cellist Li Lu has a considerable number of performance experiences across Asia and Europe. Highlight of her performance appearances included at the Edinburg International Festival in UK, the Singapore International Music Festival, the Beijing International Modern Music Festival and the Kronberg International Cello Festival in ... more

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